• The Legacy of Ray Hubbard

  • Posted on November 26, 2015
  • Ray Hubbard founded Legacy Building and Design Inc. in North Carolina because he saw a real need for a design and building firm that held to a high standard without gouging its customers. He believed that he was capable of delivering the high quality service and results that people expected while also keeping things relatively affordable for his clients. Legacy Building and Design Inc. is the embodiment of that idea.

    Legacy Building and Design Inc. has thrived throughout its existence because they listen to their clients. They do not begin the building process until they have ironed every detail, to ensure that there are no miscommunications between the staff and the clients. Ray Hubbard insisted on supplying not only high quality building and design services, but also the cultivation of long-lasting relationships with clients. This is why so much of Legacy Building and Design Inc.'s business comes from referrals from past clients. Their good name in the industry extends from their ability to satisfy the needs and demands of their clients consistently. Legacy Building and Design Inc. creates solid design plans and has the vision to build beautiful, sturdy, long-lasting structures. Ray Hubbard has also insisted on making use of the state of the art technology alongside their old-fashioned common sense honed by experience.

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